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ADHD Texas

  ADHD Texas is a website that was created by Victoria Martin, a child psychiatrist. This website can be a little opinionated, but it gives great reasons why No Pass No play should not be legal in states.

  Makeing the Grades

This article is very good, because it gives a great example of what No pass No play can do to a student. It also encourages a different program for students, that way they do not have to
struggle through the limitations of No Pass No Play.

  No Pass, No Play

This website gives a real life example of No pass No play in a highschool in Iowa. This article encourages schools to have No Pass No Play and it has some very valid reasons why school systems should have No Pass No Play.

A Tougher No pass No Play?
  This article talks about fixing a "loop hole" within the program of No pass No Play. However, fixing this problem may cause for a stricter form of No Pass No Play. This website article talks about what changes may be encouraged to patch up the "Loop hole".

No Pass No play. No Problem?

  This article really gives a good backgroung on the program of No pass no play, while also giveing facts that both support and disapprove the program. This article really does standout because it gives really good information on the program and it backs up my information.